"ROYAL ENGINEERS (RE)" came into existence in a small way in 2014 and steadily developed into a strong team. We are the manufacturer and supplier of "Precision Testing Instruments" mainly for testing the properties of Pulp, Paper and Paper Board for Paper, Conversion, Allied Industries And Textile Industries. We undertake bulk operations and specialize in undertaking corporate offers to cater the needs of different companies. Our sole aim is to provide exquisite and unheard of features. It grew its capabilities so extremely that today it occupies the status of a globally predictable company for these instruments, both in Domestic and Export Market.

Quality Assurance:

RE is dedicated to the Total Quality Management principles i.e. adhering to a uninterrupted review and improvement based on the presentation feedback from customers and fabrication shops while at the same time keeping pace with the developing trends elsewhere. It has also achieved the international appreciation of its quality systems through securing of ISO-9001. RE has the relevant preventive maintenance and calibration services to assist the industry in meeting their future requirements.

The clients trust our quality products because:-
--> Quality products.
--> On-time delivery.
--> Competitive price.
--> Low maintenance cost.
--> Ample market distribution.
--> International standards Quality.
--> Qualified and experienced Professionals.
--> Large stock to meet instant bulk demands.
--> Transparent and ethical business dealings.

Our Network:

All our products are supplied to the paper mills and allied industries. The Precision testing Instruments for Pulp Paper, Board Industries and Textile Industries. The clients rely on us for the quality products provided to them.